I met with Robert and Felicity today. It was a short meeting, a visit to the Doughbin for coffee. We have yet to find funding to have Robert’s memoirs published. Next week we will meet on Tuesday afternoon, which will continue to allow me to go to the gym on Mondays.

After a short meeting I was able to go into the gym. It roused me out of my torpor. Outside the weather turned to a thunderstorm. Reports came in of various shops along George Street suffering flash floods. In some cases it was the bad luck of building in a hole in the side of a hill. Others suffer from overflow problems.

Despite having no coat with me – the day being too muggy earlier to carry one – I ventured out. Fortunately the weather had softened to a warm misty rain, with some lightning. I was wearing my hat and good shoes. So long as my head and feet were protected I was happy to let the elements wash over me (although minus the potential lightning strike). In that I was luckier than others, whom better prepared against the weather, were thoroughly drenched.

I see that the IBWiki has moved to frath.net. The result is very pleasing. My grateful thanks to Muke for hosting these pages. Together they are an invaluable resource to lla Sociedad di’ll Bethisad.