The archives has taken over the School of Ministry lecture room again to sort out a collection. It’s an important collection to the archives. The SoM staff don’t mind, so long as we clear it to one side so they can have a meeting on Thursday night. There is one member of the residential staff of the college who doesn’t like showing people around while we have a public room in a state of disorder.

We went into town for Chinese New Year on Wednesday night. There was nothing happening in the Octogon. We had a meal at Jizo, the Japanese restaurant. I checked the current events page at the City of Dunedin. It turns out it was on Tuesday night. If I want fireworks for this year I will have to wait until midwinter now.

Dave has posted the Guardian quiz on his journal page. So far everyone I have seen or know has scored higher than I have. Depressing. Maybe I’ll throw a blanket over my head.

Messages from the Open Polytechnic list have started arriving in my inbox before I had received my final papers for the start of the year. This proved to be confusing. I thought I was getting spammed until I looked at it more closely.