A better day. I had been anticipating the induction of a new minister at Opoho Church for some time. Presbytery met with the Parish Council before the service. We proceded into the church in order. I sat among the Presbytery elders to make up the numbers rather than Parish Council. The church was full. A conservative estimate would be 120 people. About 40 people attended from the minister’s former church which is in the same presbytery. Both the minister and her husband were presented with flowers. Good feed after the service. The Opoho congregation excelled itself.

I heard from my mother this week. She told me what this week’s quiz question is on ConcertFM and I have posted my answer in. She hopes to get Southern Dave to visit her to get her email connection up and running. I will believe it when I receive an email message from Smiff in Invercargill.