The residents are trickling back into the college. Next week is the beginning of the new semester. On Chapelside they refer to it as ‘Lent Term’, a pale attempt by anglophiles to emulate Oxbridge. The university is semestered and secular. Lent Term has never been observed there.

I thought one of the other gym users was familiar. He is a Dunedin principal in whose school I did six months’ voluntary work when I first came to Dunedin. I found his name on the website for St. Clair School. I got a ride home out of it. He lives nearby.

I have been playing around with an eclectic language that I’m designing. It’s very relaxing.

The cats are objecting to the fact I only put two cans of catfood in the shopping trolley last Saturday. There is only dry catfood left in the kitchen.