“Ring out a thousand wars; ring in a thousand years of peace”.

One of the harder competition questions I have tried to answer on ConcertFM. It took me about five pages of googling until I found the answer. The question had given the clue of being Shakespeare, Wordsworth or Tennyson. I thought Wordsworth was the most likely choice, flourishing both during a turn of centuries and in a time troubled by the clash of nations at war. More so than the other two choices given.

The showers were out of order at the gym – how will I live with myself? I smell manly!

Heard a car brake suddenly and went outside to see if it was one of my cats. There was a body lying on the pavement, it must have got that far and died as the people in the car were there still getting out of there SUV. Apparently it ran out in front of them. A mature white cat tipped with ginger fur. It was not one with which I was familiar. A collar tag named it Jerry. The phone number proved to be the house in front of which it died, our neighbours the joiners. The owner came out, cradled the dead creature and took it away.