Walked home from GURPS in a heavy rain. My flatmates behaved like a pair of buttocks because I was soaked to the skin. What annoyed me most is that my shoes were damp. I don’t think they have started leaking yet. I think instead it was an accumulation of several days skin water settling in the shoes. Still I need to dry out my shoes properly when I’m not wearing them. Further investigation suggests that water is seeping in between the suede and the sole. Perhaps I should rub the interstice with dubbin.

I heard rumours about a shy man having problems at work. No details, no concrete gossip. It is somebody who I have worked with previously. He is in a position of authority and not liked by his staff because he is too shy it make a rapport with them. When I worked there I found him a bit stand-offish. He snubs people on the street. I am less shy than that, still I can sympathise.

Yew Tree Woman has had further proof that her body is disintergrating as she can only watch.

Bought some sausages for a barbecue which never eventuated. Instead they were recycled for a potluck lunch with the church music group. Not really disappointed as it meant I got to stay home and watch the first episode of the first season of the New Battlestar Galactica series. I was impressed with the mini-series and hope that I will feel the same about the series.

Graeme very agitated at church. Apparently he threw stones at his supervisor’s car at workshop and his money has been suspended for a month. He has been visiting parishioners near the community house on Grandview Crescent. I’m impressed by that. He was unwell and wriggly, openly lamenting during the prayers. Several people spoke to me after church about my ability to support him through the service.

After lunch, late in the afternoon I visited Harry to participate in the Lord of the Rings game he is creating. I left at ten to eleven, and the game still had to be resolved between the last two players. By the time I left we had been going for six hours, plus a break to watch Top Gear. I will rule out doing that again. I’m not happy about losing a whole evening to board games. Perhaps the game, like Lord of the Rings Risk needs a more clear and precise end.

Morning tea; potluck lunch; and then pizza with Harry for tea. Feeling rather full by the end of it.