St. Davids Day, the day for being proud of being Welsh, and in Ill Bethisad for being Comro. Pab Ffeligdad!

My textbook for Principles of Records Management arrived in the morning. Worship the text! Only a couple of pages in. The introduction includes statements that are obvious to an archivist or to a records manager, but are written in a dull style. How’s this for deathless prose:

Within the organization, records support internal accountability. Those working at lower levels are responsible to their seniors for the work they perform, and records are used to prove or assess performance.

That’s on page 1! *shudder*

My mother rang to ask what her internet call sign is on Ihug. It’s smiff. It might still be active, even though she has not accessed the account in several years. A little old man is visiting her to check out her computer and see if he can update the software. She uses Eudora lite on an old Mac.

21 consecutive titled entries. How long can I keep this up for?