Went out with Felicity. Hoped to get to the petrol station before her car ran out. Didn’t. We stalled on the highway where it enters Cumberland Street North. The car had to be parked on a yellow line beside the gardens while Felicity raced down to the Cumberland Street garage and back. Fortunately it was only a block. It was awkward for anyone going past as the highway at that point is two lanes going south, the oneway going the opposite direction, also part of the highway, is Great King Street North, a block away. As we blocked one lane it meant any on-coming traffic had to change lanes to pass us. This was not always available. Fortunately Dunedin’s rush hour was only warming up (Dunedin was never intended to be a rushhour city). After a few minutes a police car pulled up behind us with hazard lights on. We couldn’t do anything about moving Felicity’s car out of the traffic as she had taken her keys with her. He was sympathetic. I bit my tongue and did not ask him if he had any crimes that he should be investigating.

At the archivist’s suggestion I have been playing around with fonts. She is a fan of Verdana. It’s easy to read at small size. Now I’m using it for web-browsing instead of Times New Roman, which can be impossible to read.

Adam Strange: I’m sorry to see that the Rann-Thanagar War will be produced by a different creative team. Still pulling it.
Supreme Power: the abuse of power begins, little things first. So does the fallout between the emerging team.
Shanna, the She-Devil: an entertaining story about a generously endowed naked woman fighting velociraptors without showing ‘naughty bits’. I haven’t seen anything like it since the hey-day of the Comics Code Authority. Why didn’t they make this a Marvel Max Comic? Great colours.
Alpha Flight: the twelfth and last issue of this volume. The story ends. Bye!
Promethea: note to self – avoid psychodelic comics in the future.
Astonishing X-Men: Whedon is confirmed for a second twelve months on this title. Absolutely frabjous!
Stormbreaker: the Saga of Beta Ray Bill: better than the first issue, still not great.
The New Invaders: old stories, old characters; used well.

Finally finished War in Heaven by David Zindell. Really enjoyed it. Browsing around my uncatalogued books to see what I want to read next. I picked out the Decameron vol. 1. Still not sure if it’s a dull translation or the material has been re-written by better writers in the age of the novel.