Autumn is a thief. Early in the morning I wake up and the warmth of summer is stolen away. Thistledown season has begun.

My lunchtime reading is my course book. Even so, I’m still a couple of weeks behind on my reading for the Principles of Records Management module 1. The first assignment is due in four weeks’ time.

The role playing society had their first Live Action Role Play for the year. It was fun. I made sure to go, although I have other things to do for the rest of the tournament. It was an episode of Prisoner. I played No. 62, a doctor who was running a mental enhancement experiment on test cases in the Village. They thought they were a superspy. I found two of the test cases and gave them the reverse serum. It didn’t seem to have any result that was reported back to me (it did, it was a successful personality altering drug – only the No. 2s knew this). No. 62 was killed when the new No. 2 managed to escape the island.

I’m told the role play was nearly as strange as an average episode of the original series. It appears that part of their funding from the BBC went to keeping the creative team on psychodelia.