It is the start of the university year, and already parking at the college is impossible. Fortunately I don’t drive and live within walking distance of the archives.

Saturday afternoon I joined members of the Friend-Link group on Dundas Street. It was briefly showery so a walk in the gardens was called off. We spent a while sitting around playing games and chatting. Most of the people were clients. Apart from myself there was another volunteer who brought people in from Mosgiel, and Felicity and Lisa, who are organisers for Friend-Link.

I have received some admiration for the green felt fedora that I brought back from Wellington. Good taste!

Graeme is away. I am told that he has been moved to the community home in North East Valley for a couple of weeks. His absense was noticed at church. The sermon was based on John chapter 9. Today’s koan: What response should be given to spiritual masters who deliberately remain obtruse?

The Listener has an article on Iron Council by China Miéville. That is cool because I read it over Christmas, and I have the two earlier New Crobuzon novels on my bookshelf. I must loan Perdido Street Station to Harry. I think he would get some good idea for Majellan out of it. Must remember to do that.

How come blogs have emoticon options and not weather symbols? I spend more time wanting to record the weather than I do my mood!