I heard two of the theos talking in the foyer about divine inspiration. One was critiquing the Barthian position that the word of god is encountered in the text. I think he was taking a more literal position and criticised the Barthian position on the grounds that there could be no encounter. (Which suggests to me that the reader/hearer is the agent in the human/divine encounter in the text, not god.) Then someone came into the office and I missed the end of the conversation.

Missed Battlestar Galactica this week. Got the times wrong.

I spoke to Alexandra Jull while I was visiting the university library hunting new words for a Brithenig translation. They have moved from Purakanui to Andersons Bay. Father Greg has left New Zealand for a parish in Australia. His Order demanded that he make a commitment to show to which country he had ties, and they were not going to be placing any new Dominicans in New Zealand in the near future. So he sold the house they were renting from him. The Julls had not heard from the new librarian in Tokoroa since he left ‘n Edwin, so I exchanged contact details with her.