Despite missing Battlestar Galactica I changed channels and watched most of Galaxy Quest. It’s a fun movie that stood up well for my fourth viewing.

Adult Study Group had a lively time discussing this article on The conversation was enjoyable as people explained continental drift and smoker stacks; the Gulf Stream and the Sub-Antarctic current. Don’t people want to know about these things normally? Weird! Another day in a congregation with an above average number of Ph.Ds.

Yew Tree Woman’s partner has sold her house in the Valley. That went rather quickly. She herself is having an argument with customs. Y.T.W. sent a present to her granddaughter in Australia. Customs opened it and charged the Australian family Oz$50 for the exercise. It turns out that gifts of porcelain, wood, metal, wool, etc., cannot be imported into Australia. They have been returned to New Zealand Customs and now Yew Tree Woman has been landed with a final bill of NZ$100! All for a porcelain doll, a teapot and a children’s science book! She is furious and refusing to pay the bill.

Council of Assembly organised a regional meeting at Maori Hill Church. Bad management has forced the national church seriously into debt. They are having regional meetings to consult the local church on guiding the church for the next 20 years. I could see a potential conflict between one view that sees part of the Presbyterian heritage as participating in the life of the national church and another view that wants to reserve as little energy as possible to participating in the life of the regional and national church.