Now the mornings begin with darkness. Five minutes to seven my alarm sounds and my room is still gray with shadows before the dawn. The light steals in later.

I left early as the archives staff had a meeting with the new communications manager from Wellington. The meeting was successful. We have someone with whom we can talk.

No meeting with Robert and Felicity. Felicity’s computer has gone for repairs so we cannot do any more work on the book until it returns. I took the opportunity to grab an extra work-out at the gym before I started on tea.

I’m forgetting things again. I left the house without putting my palm and I returned home, leaving my cellphone at the archives.

Cold Case and Spooks after tea. Both were new episodes.

The Escapist: neat but not gaudy.
The Amazing Spider-Man: poetic justice inflicted on a SUV.
Strange: finally Mr Nightlight is revealed as a regular character. I was surprised. I will have to read through the series and see if there were any hints.