Rumour has it that the Hewitson Librarian is not seeking to have her contract renewed. It is just as well as a new applicant has emerged. It’s not something I can discuss at length yet. It is amusing to know.

First haircut of the year. I decided I needed it as I was sure the thickness of hair made my hat slide on my head. St James the Hairdresser is in good health and one paper away from completing his degree.

The first open lecture I attended this year was on health and the threat of war, especially nuclear war. It was a dull lecture. Not much I hadn’t heard before. The nuclear clock stands at seven minutes to midnight. It has been closer to midnight than that. During the Cuban crisis it was at three minutes to midnight, in 1984 the height of the cold war it was set at two minutes. After the end of the cold war it went back quarter of an hour. Now we are back to where we were at the beginning of the nuclear age. Wheee!

The lecture also introduced the Millenium Development Goals:
1. End to extreme poverty and hunger;
2. Universal primary education;
3. Gender equality and the empowerment of women;
4. Reduction in child mortality;
5. Improvement in maternal health;
6. Combating endemic diseases, especially HIV/AIDS and malaria;
7. Environmental sustainability;
8. Global partnership for development.

The cost to bring this about would mean a reduction of the global military budget of about a quarter. It’s nice to dream. Make a difference!

The ‘Tempting Fate’ meme:

1. Make an LJ-cut post with “DO NOT READ” as the text.
2. Do not select a ‘mood’ for this post.
3. If anyone clicks the cut, they are to comment and admit to doing so.
4. Anyone who reads this also has to do the same in THEIR journal, thus continuing the neverending madness.

Southern Dave is evil. Yes I clicked, dammit!