I am told that fans are disappointed with Rose, the first episode of Doctor Who. I can’t see why. Bits of it are naff, like when the manniquins run amok in London, or when Christopher Eccleston mugs up to the camera with a plastic arm. Russell Davies, the producer and writer of the pilot, plays on all the Doctor’s motifs: he’s smart, witty, anachronistic, the eccentric headmaster sent to us all. His vehicle is inherently illogical: a mechano time machine in an old fashioned wooden box that’s too small!. The Doctor, he’s my hero.

Rose is someone looking for a escape from the rut her life has become; the Doctor is someone alone in a cosmic battle, seeking company on the way.

Glass on the roads, sure sign that students are back. They love to break bottles, to deliberately be vandals.

Working bee at church today. After attempting to weed along the gardens at the back of the church I helped Roger from the manse lay new concrete on the path in the front garden. Having shoveled fine gravel I’m not sure if I want to take up lifting weights.

This week I remembered to watch Battlestar Galactica. The first appearance of Richard Hatch in the new series. The subtext of Jamie Bamber’s comments to the actor who originally played “Apollo” Adama in the original was amusing. Who would have believed he was a self-justifying terrorist with a deathwish, after 20 years of trying.