Happy Birthday to Campbell Ward, who turns three today. It may be a few years before he reads this, if ever. It is worth recording just for the look on Roger’s face when I told him Campbell was having a birthday this weekend, and was no longer two.

Palm acting up as it falls back from daylight saving a week ahead of time. I corrected it.

“Isn’t there twelve hours in each day? If you walk during the day, you will have light from the sun, and you won’t stumble. If you walk during the night, you will stumble because there isn’t any light inside you.” – Jesus. We exist in te Ao Marama, the conscious world. The Human Child is someone becoming fully conscious of the world they exist in, and of the restraints placed on living.

Majellan decided to have a photoshoot. Five of us turned up at Harry’s. I took some stuff that I thought could be fun to wear. It turned out to be a Sergie shoot, so none of it was suitable. In the Majellan scenario Sergies are underclass militants. It is not the kind of look for which I collect things. My mediaeval kit was laid to one side. I ended up clad in an ankle-length oilskin coat and a Russian furskin hat worn as low over my eyes as possible. I still had some vision, although I was getting fur in my eyes. It was noticeably warm. The resulting image looked something like Muttley from Hanna-Barbara cartoons. Perhaps I will keep it in mind for a future character. The only thing I had to contribute to the kit was my water gun. Still it is an image that I would like to grab off Harry at some date, preferably in Colouring Book form, so I can use it for an icon.

Majellan moves to Saturday next week. We will see how that effects my time.