Adam Strange: story is moving along nicely, yet again another surprise twist.
Doctor Spectrum: story involving a dark secret, violence and splattered body parts.
Araña: strong home life story, foreground story could prove to be amusing; an enemy assassin in the same high school. How come Araña doesn’t switch codes into Spanish?
Ultimate Iron Man: I’ll forgive the glossy cover on the grounds it’s a good start by Orson Scott Card. Back to a new origin story involving biotechnology gone bad and hostile takeovers. Stark isn’t born yet and Iron Man doesn’t appear. Some visual irony is involved. If this keeps up I’ll like this one.
Rising Stars: the series finale covers the seven days after the deaths of the Pedersen “Specials”. A reprieve and an opportunity to begin again, a big picture story.
The Seventh Shrine: I was expecting Robert Silverberg to script a comic book about Valentine, the Lord Pontifex of Majipoor. Instead he writes a short story with artwork of his characters. It’s published in comic book binding. Even if the chosen format doesn’t illustrate the scope of Majipoor, which is epic space opera writ large, it’s still a pleasure to read.