Took part in a meditation at church, narrating the voice of Jesus. Read very well. Graeme has been back for a couple of weeks now. He is still having problems with his anger. In the last couple of days he assaulted two of the other residents in his community house.

Dull Sunday afternoon. Got most of the way through a Brithenig translation. A couple of words to note and write up, and I can add a new text to my website. After tea I visited Max and Anna for a GURPS session. Anna moderates a challenging roleplaying game. This time we used prisoners to guide us in breaking up a brigands’ lair. Our followers were army followers and mercenaries. One of the prisoners mentioned a two year old child of the brigands in the lair. I went looking for the child; and found it, with its mother, its head smashed in. I was completely thrown by that.

I was out with Felicity and Robert today. Felicity wondered what to do after the memoirs were finished. Take up blogging, perhaps? I pointed out that I already did. She found her way to this journal easily enough. I wonder if this means I have picked up an other lurker? We shall see!