Tarot Cards

A priest, a goth chick, and an existentialist philosopher walk into a bar; and the bartender says: what! is this same kind of zen koan?
Divinatory Meanings: An encounter, good conversation, wine shared, illumined by candles, in the dark. Artifice in opposition to death. Religion as play, hypocrisy as virtue. Dreamscape and conviction in harmonious conflict.
Reversed: disillusion, stasis, depression, a single reality. Do not pass go. All things stop as the dance of atoms ends. The automatum in ascendency.
Human Agency: Orderly Progression

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Daylight saving reprieves the morning for a while, at the cost of the swift and dull close of the day. Eastermonth is the herald of the cold dark time.

My mother rang to give me the answer to the competition on Concert FM: the season of fire in the church’s year following Easter is Pentecost. Someone has been to see her about her computer and advised her to change from Eudora Lite to other software as Eudora is heavy on being regularly updated.