I had an enquiry about the bike on our porch. It isn’t mine to give away. I made the effort of getting Mike’s old bike out of the shed. They decided that it was not the kind of bike that they were looking for their son. For a start it needs new tires.

A person asked me where to go for an ISBNumber. I knew the answer to that one. In New Zealand ISBNumbers can be obtained off the National Library website.

The Archivist’s Wellington son is in Dunedin. He had to give a lecture on behalf of the Prime Minister’s office. He found the Law students disinterested. The Political Studies students were more canny, especially interested how his career has led him to his current job. Lawyers, like accountants, study for careers that are easy, rather than interesting, to enter.

Met with the minister, and the representative from Sacred Heart down at the gardens kiosk to discuss our part in the Procession of the Cross on Long Friday. Afterwards I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a discussion with the minister as we watched people go past, an occupational habit. I watched a family of seven from church at the duckpond. One of the older boys held his baby brothers stroller right over the water so that only the back wheels were on the paving. Then he dipped the front wheels into the pond. Fortunately the baby was strapped in. At this point a woman in the kiosk scarpered off to intervene. They had moved away from the water by the time she had arrived.

That family will make a good children’s story one day. Which ones fit into the recognised categories of siblings: the hero; the clown; the lost; and the mascot?