A very wet day. We had a service at church to celebrate the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth as set shortly after the first Good Friday. There was veiled cross leaning against the communion table in the place of the body of Jesus. Graeme had been brought along. In the middle of service he got up and prostrated himself in front of the cross for a few minutes. The cross was placed in the foyer and flowers were placed at its foot. After the service the cross was placed upright in the lawn.

Despite the rain the Procession of the Cross was still held. I arrived to meet the procession at the garden’s gate at ten past eleven. Instead of moving from the Rose Garden to the Herb Garden, the Kiosk and the Bandstand, all of the meditations were held in the shelter of bandstand. The numbers were smaller this year, no surprises in the falling rain. A number of people from Sacred Heart church asked after Mike: Ellie Kennedy, Peter Appleby, the Thompsons….

Putting off my reading for my paper. If I finish the reading and the last exercise in the first module, then I can start the essay that is due in a week and half’s time.