Crist is astië! Hy is astië húro. Allelúja!
Det schaft freelst in wynn. Wy freelst and singt. Allelúja!
Wy singt herness toe God for’m wynn of ben deel áns niews schaft.
Allelúja! Allelúja húro!

Rev. Susan talked about our resurrection like we are dragged through the gorse bush. Resurrection, beginning to grow again, is no less painless than dying itself. It is a cycle that we will repeat, over and over again; for the length of our lives. The congregation, the broken people of god, went forth to receive communion, children and adults together. Graeme wanted to know if god loved him, even when he was going to have a hernia operation. He had a nightmare and wet himself badly that the bedclothes had to be changed.

Glass on the footpath outside the church. I went home and got my yard-broom so I could sweep it down to the drains.