On Saturday I visited Nexus Games because I was debating buying Gurps: Characters. I walked into the shop. It was full of people people playing table-top card games. There was no one minding the counter. I glanced around quickly and did not seen anyone who stood out to me as minding the store. I found the book I wanted on the shelf. I picked it up and flicked through it. I glanced around again and decided to put the book back on the shelf. I walked out again, probably a minute after I walked in. I saved myself $90 until another week when I will buy the book.

I went for another session of GURPS on Sunday evening. Tao followed me down the hill to the corner of Hatfield Street then I lost her. I thought I would have to collect her on my way home. Instead she found her own way back and met me inside.

Should have started formulating my thoughts for an essay today, due in a week’s time. I weighed up that against doing some initial translation work on a eclectic language I have left languishing for a couple of months. It was an easy choice to make and I spent the afternoon working on a paragraph of funny languages. Panic begins tomorrow.

Watched a documentary the BBC played before screening the Doctor Who pilot. Joe had downloaded it from the internet. It included a one-scene character of the last human at the end of the world voiced by Zoe Wannemaker. The cgi character consisted of two eyes, a mouth, and a skein of skin! Since the last character I saw Zoe Wannemaker play was Lady Clara of Gormenghast I thought she was a good choice to play such a fantastic character. It is not the last time the Doctor has witnessed the final demise of the Earth. He has done it twice before.

Visited Harry. His sister and niece were visiting from England. Played Last Card and Cheat. It was fun as Last Card I haven’t played since I was a child; and Cheat I played once or twice at high school – and that is now twenty years ago. I was never any good at Cheat, I’m too moral to do a good bluff. I take too long in deciding my cards. Last Card, which is about the only card game I was ever proficient at, was a great pleasure to play again.