Went out to GURPS last night. Tessa followed me down to Hatfield Street. She met me on Balmoral Street when I came back at ten o’clock. Stupid cat. Tao and Fremen know which way to go home. Tessa sits down and waits for someone to find her.

Archives got visited today. We were paid a bit extra after a one satisfied enquiry. The staff decided to celebrate by going down the hill to the Garden Seat for morning tea. A date scone for everyone, accompanied by a flat coffee, a cappucino, and a hot chocolate. Not that we needed an excuse. We decided to be spontaneous.

I was the last person to hear that Christopher Eccleston is throwing in the TARDIS gig after one season. A tenth Doctor is promised.

Scientists announce that humanity has 50 years before the ecologies of the world become unsustainable. It’s nice to have met you all. Even if life on earth survives it will take ten million years for evolutionary processes to repair the damage.

Visited Nexus Games again. I now own a copy of GURPS: Characters.