It started off as a leisurely morning. I listened to Music Review talk about noise problems for students at discos in Stockholm, among farmers in Australia, on the streets of New York. Then I sat in front of the computer in sleepwear and a dressing gown until eleven o’clock. Time to get dressed. There was a Friend-link barbecue at midday and I should expect to be picked up soon. I had barely begun to change when I heard a loud knocking on the door. They had arrived.

The party was at David Corner’s place. While there was enough food to go around it was very cold spitty weather. Felicity dropped me off at St Hilda’s School at two o’clock. A friend from church decided he would like to celebrate his 50th birthday by performing a Mozart concerto with an orchestra. So he and his farmer organised a free concert in the chapel, complete with orchestra! Fortunately they have had a life-long commitment to music in Dunedin and people came out for it. The conductor was Dunedin composer Anthony Ritchie.

The promise of a full refund if the audience was not satisfied with the concert was not taken up. There was an afternoon tea to follow. I walked part of the way home afterwards, passing Nicola J. and Cameron on the way. I did not recognise them until I had gone passed.

I had an attempt at a beef stroganoff for tea. Last week’s attempt involved a sachet and it was so bland it might have been a stew. Apart from too much malt vinegar in the mustard I made as a marinade this one was more successful. It has been a good day for eating!

Still putting off my assignment. Only three days left!