Note to self: one of the heels of my cheap shoes has split across. This is after four months which is disappointing as I expected getting another month’s wear out of them. I have visited the Shoe Warehouse to see if there was anything else that I liked that was similar. Unfortunately there wasn’t. I could buy a similar pair on the grounds that I found them comfortable shoes for the price, still I will have to be mindful that this pair didn’t last as long as I hoped.

Sermon today was on theories of the atonement. Very scholarly. The minister presented four schools of thought: the legal transaction; sacrificial love; Christus Victor; and the birth of a new creation. She told us to take the ideas away and think about them. Graeme very distracting. He is unhappy about a lot of things: anger, sadness, sickness… I had to silence him so others could listen to the sermon. I may have to pre-empt him next time, especially as next week will be a combined service at the Maker’s Place in North East Valley on the occasion of the Moderator’s visit to Dunedin.

Done the first half of the assigment today, a 500 word essay written. It’s a bit like extracting teeth. Boethius knew about writing to a deadline as traditionally he wrote the Consolation of Philosophy on the eve of his execution by the pagan kings of Rome. Next I have to write a case report which I will start on tomorrow night. I fear I will have to take some time out of my work day at the archives on Tuesday, when it is due, to comeplete it.

Prayers were said at Opoho church on the death of Papa Ioannis Paulus Secundus. I didn’t catch up with news of his death until I arrived at church. I did not feel particularly moved on hearing his death. Hopefully his successor can open the windows again that he spent his papacy keeping closed. It will be a challenge for the next man.