Writing a 500 word essay took me all weekend, well I did have some distractions, worthwhile distractions at that too. Then writing the case study took me all Monday evening, and three hours on Tuesday morning. I took time away from the archives so I could get it done. It’s writing a sentence, thinking about it, staring at it, making a cup of tea, read a comic, anything so I don’t have to write another damned sentence. I think for the next assignment I will have to start writing two weeks ahead so I don’t feel so pressured.

I hope the people at Open Polytechnic can read the assignment. I sent it to them as a KWord document. If they run Microsoftware then it will be difficult for them to read. That will be a challenge for recordkeepers as they conserve documents in incompatible software documents.

It’s funny, writing assignments is so difficult, each sentence can drag on for minutes at an end as I delay at writing them down. When I try my hand at fiction, which I haven’t done in years, I have trouble keeping up with my thoughts. Plotting on the other hand…

One of the archives’ volunteers, Peggy, was in today for the first time this year.

Felicity took Robert and myself to a budgie called Harry. Her son works there at the weekend in the kitchen. The food was reasonable and we sat outside on the patio in the sun and watched people go past. Next week we plan to meet for lunch and try one of their foot long hot dogs.

John Allan has a new car, a Honda Jazz. I didn’t recognise him when he pulled up to take me to Presbytery. It has lights that come on when the brake’s on or the door’s not closed; automatic gears that won’t stall at the lights, power locking which works when you press the key… Yes I know that these are common features on cars nowadays, but it’s his first new car in years and he’s a retired minister.

No free time to go to the gym this week until Friday. *blergh*