I was blobbing out in front of my computer in the evening, taking the opportunity to recreate and do some translation on my eclectic language. Then I heard some shouting going on for several minutes. First yowling, then loud laughter, they alternated for a while before drifting away unhurriedly. I was tempted to slip outside to investigate. Later I was glad I didn’t. When I set out for a late games evening at Harry’s I noticed that the plants by our gate and the pavement were lined with streams of liquid. I think that drunken revellers heading up the road couldn’t wait until they got home for a piss.

I’m trying not to be unimpressed. This behaviour is deliberately provocative. On the other hand I know that urine is mostly sterile water and will wash away with no ill effects. They must have drunk a lot to pass that much pee. It sounded to like one person would be peeing and another laughing at him doing it. Waste of (good) beer, if you ask me.