My mother rang last night. She is talking about visiting Dunedin next week for three nights as a holiday. I could put her up on the stretcher in the living room. As we are limited for space in this household I’m tempted to ask around the parish to see if there is anyone with a spare bedroom. We have a service of induction tomorrow night for John Daniel as national mission facilitator, I can ask around then.

The first entity in the Alexandra parish is now done. Now on from the Presbyterian Parish to the Uniting parish.

Open Polytechnic are a Microsoft shop. This means that they can’t read my assignment submitted in KWord.

Been to the gym today. Still going three times a week if I can.

Heard from a German friend who would like to join Ill Bethisad shared-world project. He was involved with it several years ago then pulled out. Now he’s approached me again to return to the project.

I also need to take time to do some pages about folk costume on the IB Wiki using material for a proposal that Marc Pasquin sent me. I know how to do it, I just never get around to putting the stuff on the website.