Sent my assignment away again this morning. Endeavour, my box, couldn’t find Styx, Joe’s network box. Ended up getting Joe out of bed so I could have a connection. We posted the assignment to the archives and when I got there I converted it into a Microsoft Word document and submitted it again.

I spent most of the day writing a index for a pile of recent newsletters that had come in from the School of Ministry. It was history in the lifetime of my memories.

I have been talking to a couple of people about a friend who wants to join the Cambriese Session. It’s going to be a controversial decision. The person has a history in the Brithenig project. In the evening, having taken advice I felt ready to send him an email. I had planned to send the email as a blind carbon copy to the two people on the Session. Then a telemarketer rang just as I was about to send the email. I posted the email filling in the last details quickly so I could answer the phone. When I returned to my computer I found I had sent one name as a visible carbon copy. I was very upset by it because it was too late to retract it and send it again. The two people involved are both volatile people. I wrote a personal apology to both of them. Felt better after that.

Another induction at church for a member of presbytery who is moving into a national position.

Expecting my mother to visit on Tuesday. She will be here until Friday. Could prove to be interesting. I think if I moved furniture around in my room I will have space to put out the stretcher for her.