The acting Hewitson Librarian, Veronica, was farewelled this week in the buttery. The archives staff all went over to attend. Just this once because it was a special occasion and the library staff invited us. Sandwiches were served. The kitchen does a good club sandwich. The library staff gave her a bunch of flowers and said that they wil miss her.

Her successor is already settling in, and was present for the occasion.

Herby the toaster is no more. I used him for the last time on Thursday, then dropped him on the floor while I was putting him away. Joe used the toaster later in the day. It burnt one muffin slice then refused to do any more. Perhaps something was knocked out of place when I dropped it. I fear that Herby may have bit the crust.

The fourth episode of the new Doctor Who promises to be a UNIT episode. I’m excited already! *Bounce*

Will have to send a disk back to Invercargill with my mother.

Amazing Fantasy Didn’t know I was going to get this title which formerly showcased Araña. Newest character: the Scorpion. Small town girl develops killing touch on her prom night and flees town after killing her boyfriend accidently. She comes back years later when her adoptive parents are killed. Story benefits from some good, well-paced character interaction.
Shanna: the She-Devil This is issue 3, what happened to issue 2? Not entirely sure if the guy fantasizing about Shanna’s cup size was peeing or abusing himself. Neat fight scene involving a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I feel that for the small amount of clothing that Shanna wears she should show some grazing – haven’t the creative team seen In a league of their own?
Strange Yeap, sighting confirmed. Mr Matchstick Man is back. Should be a big finale to this mini-series next month.