Got GURPS on Thursday night. Should write more about that so I can remember what happens between sessions. This time we discovered what scares a young necromancer – a older necromancer, possibly generations old, who has become a necrophage, feeding off the tortured lifeforces of streetkids.

After work Mum and I walked down to the Gardens Mall. We drank Bundaberg ginger beer while we waited for Joe’s sisters to arrive from Marrowsham. I left my mother sitting in the sunlight while they were in the supermarket, stocking up with groceries to take back to Invercargill. I wanted to get to the gym.

It was nice to see that my mother was well and in good health, and also a relief to see her well-meaning chatter on her way again. She sat in the archives, bugging the staff for family information, and other Presbyterian worthies. She sat in on Wednesday forum. I think some of the School of Ministry students would have adopted her as a mascot if they could. They took care of her. She bought a disposible camera and took photos of my cats and other people. One person admitted to enjoying the gentle teasing that we put each other through.

Walking down the hill today she looked at the Knox smokestack and observed that the college council hadn’t elected a pope yet.

I hear that there was a game on tonight. Highlanders versus some other team beginning with H. Hurricanes, I think. I was asked if I was going home to watch the game while I was changing at the gym. I had seem some promotion for the game so I remembered that much after prompting myself. Always funny when that happens.

Watched the fourth episode of the new Doctor Who tonight. Dave is going to be peeved when he watches that episode – after he gets the discs off my mother that is.

Starting to come across people who accuse Pope Benedict of being a Nazi. Sorry, that’s historically inaccurate. It is his encounters with National Socialism as a young man that lead him to reject liberalism in favour of conservative religion as an instrument to oppose Naziism. The Pope’s Catholic, but he is not a Nazi.