Cum toe’m hie godcund stoew. Wy cumt in luf and wynn; Wy cumt toe meete úr god.
Cum toe’m hie jebedstoew. Wy cumt mid herigness and dingreën; Wy cumt toe bidde toe god.
Cum toe’m hie stoew of luf. Wy cumt mid opene herten; Wy cumt mid luf for god.
Cum toe jeë god werd. Det werd de is gods húro; Wy cumt to herig úr god des hie deg.

Weather positively wintry. Church cold this morning. Still there was a good number in the congregation, come to connect with each other and hear a speaker from Presbyterian Support introduce their Buddy Programme. Nobody in the kitchen for morning tea after church, although others had been in beforehand to set things up. Two of us stepped in to serve.

“Not by your finger, not by your anger
will our world order change in a day,
but by your people, fearless and faithful,
small paper lanterns, lighting the way.

Hope we must carry, shining and certain
through all our turmoil, terror and loss,
bonding us gladly, one to the other,
till our world changes, facing the cross.”

I notice that according to one of my concalendars today is Hunters Moon. It’s the day that the Amenites welcome the return of the Holy Ones, lesser gods and divine personifications, to the earth. I have no idea where they have been in the meantime. After attending temple for holy offering the day is generally celebrated as a Saturnalia so unseasonably cold weather would be appropriate for their festival. As evening falls candles are placed in the windows to welcome the Holy Ones.