Today the New Zealanders stop for a day to honour their dead in war. It’s sort of an ancestor cult. They gather before dawn at open-air shrines for civic rites to remember the dead. It is a ritual observed by many, whether soldiers or pacifists, or their families.

Had another session of GURPS last night. A lot of time was spent seeing if there was anyone to help us with the old necromancer preying on the children of the street. The church, the mages and the lord of the town were not able to help. After that we went looking for someone to help us with a haunted boat. From a recently dead ghost we learnt that there is something within the boards of the boat that is evil. Without the magics of the people from which we won the boat it is free to kill at its own anger.

Used my free time wastefully. Instead of pressing on with my second assignment for the Open Polytechnic, which is due in three week’s time I played with some more translation for 2.0, much for fun for an imaginary language maker. For the rest of the day I visited Harry for a session of Majellan. He went around the room allowing everyone to referee a short session of the game. Need more practice. Afterwards I stayed for two card games: Illuminati which I won playing the Servants of Cthulhu, I built up a strong network of secret societies early in the game, then when two of us were competing for Ronald Reagan (I already had Nancy as one of my personalities) I chose to assassinate him as I could not wrest him out of the other player’s networks. The successful assassination meant I only needed eleven secret organisations instead of twelve and I won the game as no one could break up any of my networks.

We had a session of the spaghetti western card game Bang!. It was initially slow going as I was the only person who had played it previously and no one was familiar with it. Even though I was the second person knocked out of the game people were enjoying it by the end as the sherrif took on the renegade and the last of the outlaws and won.

On my way home I thought I should familiarise myself with figures from the Bethisad universe by writing character descriptions for them using GURPS. If I’m going to do that I should go the whole hog and see if I can design a campaign set in that alternative timeline. Maybe I can treat myself to that exercise after I have completed the next assignment.