I went to a meeting last night to discuss how the liberal Christians on Presbytery are going to handle the discussion on the latest overture from Assembly about the homosexuality debate. Travelling home with friends we drove past the park next to the Arthur Street School. I noticed a glowing light among the trees. On a second glance it looked like a man who appeared to be handling fire. Perhaps it was someone practicing juggling with firesticks. No one else saw it. When I mentioned it they advised me to ring the police when I got home. There is a school next door and it could potentially be an arson attack.

The police call centre is a stupid idea. I rang the police station and the officer who answered the telephone transferred me. The call centre is not in Dunedin and the person I spoke to did not know where Roslyn was. If I want to tell the police about suspicious behaviour why can’t I tell the local police station?! Honestly!

I have heard that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is reasonably good. It is like the old television verson in quality except with current special effects doing the spaceships. The film ends on the way to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe – similar to the original radio version and the books – leaving it open for a second movie.

Another friend observed that New Zealand historically has been ten years behind the U.S. in trends. This means that in the future we could have conservative Republicans. We’re going from a Whiggish administration to the neo-Victorians again. Io preserve us!

Today’s title is the answer to ConcertFM’s competition question, what did Jonathan Lemalu study at university before his opera singing career took off. It’s too late to send it in now as the quiz closes 12noon on Friday NZT.