I am without my tungsten palm PDA as I took it in to Dick Smith’s because the on/off switch is stuffed. I suspect that they will say ‘it’s your own fault’ and charge me for sending it to Auckland and back. It should be away for ten days. I wonder what I will forget. I’m going to a GURPS game tonight so maybe I should see if my memory will fit in Max‘s old PDA and see if I can borrow that in the interim.

I managed to synchronise Endeavour and the toy during the week so I should boot up kpilot so I can make some notes.

Work avoidance. I should have been comparing the old Archives Act with the new Public Records Act. Instead I was alone and uninterrupted for most of the day. Played around with writing a paragraph in my eclectic language, did a load of washing, and pulled some books off my shelves to send down to the Regent Theatre 24-hour booksale in May. Removed the books from my bibliography catalogue.