I pointed Harry to the Bethisad Wiki. He had asked me about the shared world that exists around Brithenig (called Ill Bethisad, which is Brithenig for _the universe_, or IB in shorthand. He was impressed with the development that has occured in this project. He wonders if the same thing is possible for Majellan. I’m not sure. The Bethisad universe began as a distribution list of people interested in Brithenig things and the world beyond it, what was called the Sessiwn Ghemruis. It transferred to the Conculture list on Yahoo! Groups and has been part of that list since it’s inception. About this point I was becoming disillusioned with the Bethisad universe and announced that I was taking a ‘sabbatical’. Despite this I left Brithenig and Kemr, its homeland, in the Bethisad project. By this time new leadership in the shared world project had emerged and policy on participation in it. Its essentially organic growth has gone from strength to strength. Even members on its margins, including myself, have not gone far from it. In its present incarnation it is about five to six years old.

The Majellan universe, as I understand it, is a different kettle of fish. It is a roleplaying game, with multiple players, but one essential demiurge, or world creator. It is the vision of one person developed over twenty years, revealing its secrets, pealing back the layers, rather than a pooling of pespectives into a unity. Its propagation is going to be different.

A GURPS session on Saturday night. Lord Johnny and his companions consulted a demon to see if the necromancer master could be defeated. Don’t trust demons, they lie the truth. Sean got laid. They went hunting and killed a boar. Then the soul stealers that had created the necromancer in the first place came to town. Now the travellers may have to face them down.

Traditional Harvest thanksgiving service at Opoho. Despite all of human development and achievement we are dependant on eight inches of earth and the fact that rains. The minister showed the children images of one artist’s interpretation of the creation story: the hands of the First Ancestor creating a flower from cotton thread, the first humans from glue and dust (and a rib bandage). Quite delightful. Graeme started getting chatty during the sermon. I would have liked to have heard what Susan would make of the text: My Father was a wandering Aramean; I was comparing it with the idea in my head that we are an immigrant nation, whether by outrigger, tall ship, or airship, a community giving thanks.