The minister gave to each of the children a seed sealed in tape and asked them to guess what it was. They proved to be carrot seeds. A suggestion from the congregation that it might be the seed of a sellotape tree was inaccurate. Enquiries are underway to see if such plants are available.

There was also a reading of a psalm the minister had personally translated into feminine language. She decided it was appropriate to use for harvest thanksgiving. I meditated on the thought that christian reading of the godhead in exclusively masculine language does not so much affirm masculinity as neutralise it.

We all went to an open lecture tonight on the topic The End of Oil. It started off as a Science seminar that proved to be so topical and well attended that it turned into an open lecture. The conclusion of the lecture was that if world oil production did not peak in 2004 then it will do in the next thirteen years. I don’t think I heard anything new from the lecture that Joe hasn’t downloaded already. The question and answer session was shorter.