Presbytery met on Tuesday night and voted on the overture from Assembly about homosexuality and leadership in the Presbyterian church. The overture will rule out leadership by people in a relationship other than ‘faithful marriage’ (which is not defined in the text of the overture). The overture was rejected by Presbytery. No doubt it will be ratified by Assembly in 2006; still I am satisfied that Dunedin Presbytery has made a stand against the exclusive religiosity that threatens to overwhelm the Presbyterian Church.

The Berhampore Case, happening in Wellington, will bedevil the Archives office. The records in question were lost in a fire, and there is no paper trail left by ministers of the church who have enquired into this affair in the past.

I have heard the first rumour of an election date set for July, after the budget. This means an election in midwinter – and between rugby tests! What were they thinking?! In a sports-mad country like New Zealand a lost test can disgruntle the electorate to change governments. Anyway if I want to organise a candidate meeting at Opoho I will have to act quickly.