A book turned up at Read-On Books in the Gardens Mall. It turned out to be a hitherto unknown missing book from the Hewitson Library, a book from the Salmond Collection that was presented to Professor Hewitson on a visit to Scotland. It contains beautiful coloured prints of Scotland on gold-edged pages. The library will seek to buy it back. It turns out that an acting Master of Salmond Hall removed it from the collection and never returned it before his death. His widow sent it to Hamlin’s bookshop because she is leaving ‘n Edwin to live close to her son’s family in Auckland. When she realised what she had done she came in to apologise to the Archivist. We assured her that it was through no fault of her own.

Missed my mother’s birthday last month. I don’t normally ring people so I bought her a Mother’s Day card and some colourful stickers, and posted them to her so that they should arrive tomorrow. (OK, satisfied now?!)