Guest preacher at church today, one of the students from the school of ministry doing sermon practice. Interesting sermon about returning to ordinary life after a mountaintop event, such as the Ascension: taking each step; each breath, for each day. Home-made chocolate cake for morning tea, served by a couple of church husbands. The minister had declared that no mother would be serving in the kitchen today. Graeme complained of the cold. A southern front blew through the city, frosting the hills, a herald for the winter.

Supreme Power: Military Intelligence use disinformation to destroy the nascent Squadron.
Beowulf: a new title that looked like it could be fun. An immortal warrior waiting 1500 years for the rise of the spandex heroes. The drawing style is nothing to write home about; and shame about the beard. Still, there is something to be said for a superhero who wears jeans, jersey and jacket whose willing to rely on hostage negotiation first.
the Escapist: includes Will Eisner’s last story, The Escapist and the Spirit.