Q. What New Zealand Band has preformed with both the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Auckland Philharmonic? Your answers to Concert FM, please.

Grace took away Tessa Contessa. She will be buried by the kowhai tree that I donated to Sanctuary. It will be known as her tree. She was moved to hear of Tessa’s death. As is Joe.

I arranged her curled up in a box still with her collar around her neck and put her old Waitati nametag in with her, and her brush. She hated being brushed and would be pleased to know that it is buried forever, even though it is beside her in eternity. Sadly I could not find my ball of red twine so I could cut her a length for her play in the afterlife.

No more will the womble cat follow us down the hill with the expectation of being carried up Balmoral Street on the return journey.

I phoned my mother on my cellphone for mother’s day and managed to use up the best part of a $20 prepay card in just over ten minutes. That was impressive. She got a photo of Tessa while she was here so I am hoping for a copy of it when the film is developed.

The new box of dry catfood burst the seal on the base on the way home from the supermarket. I wasn’t aware of it until I got home and cat nibbles exploded everywhere.

Met a friend at the supermarket who tells us that the Straightjacket Fits concert was really good. It was a family reunion for him as he has a relative with the band.

Archives staff away Monday in central Southland picking up new records from parishes. Very quiet in the basement office with only the research assistant about for half the day. I got half way through updating the catalogue files for Upper Clutha parish.

Still no further ahead on my assignment. I have talked to the archivist about the first task, so I may be able to advance on this.