Took half the day off so I could go to the launch of the new Cherry Farm CD. I was supposed to meet Robert there, but at the last moment he opted out. Too many bad memories for him. I wish I had been forwarned so that I could have caught up on half a day’s work. I suspect at this stage I will take time off before next Tuesday when Assignment Two is due at the Open Polytechnic.

Archives very busy as third year history students come in seeking material for a primary source assignment. Exhausting for the archivist.

Got to the gym and discovered that I had lost my padlock. That’s the second one. I forgot to strap it onto my water bottle when I left. One of the staff says that they saw it in one of the lockers. It has walked. Instead I left my valuables at the desk. I will pick up a new padlock later.

Dunlug meeting on Wednesday night. I decided to opt out and work on Task One of the Assignment.