Read-On Books advertised the book from the Hewitson Library in the local rag. People from Knox College are very annoyed about that. Legally he has no authority to sell the book.

Two books this week. What a contrast. Shanna the She-Devil is a story about a big-breasted woman on a quest where a lot of people get eaten. Forget dinosaurs, my cats could sub for them equally efficiently. A book that thought looked attractive for its colours proves to be light when it comes to story-telling.

This shows up when compared to the second comic of the week: Amazing Fantasy featuring the Scorpion. Teenaged girl in Madripoor – this looks like a travel journey story with adventures. Her efforts to hit on a boy are played up as a subplot (compares nicely with Araña where the potential for this subplot is lost among too many characters). She is already chafing against the control of her masters from S.H.I.E.L.D. Story ends with a couple of cliff-hangers.