Joe and I worked out that Tessa had stayed with us for about 24 months. Fremen, born in December 1999, has been with us much longer. (She’s a millenium cat?!)

Found my twine in a bottom drawer. I will have to cut off a piece to tie as a memento to Tessa’s kowhai the next time I visit Sanctuary.

Dick Smiths have replaced my PDA. Unfortunately I have lost all my information as it was on my old model.

After an evening working on it I managed to download my contacts list. I haven’t found my original calendar, memos, notes and document information. They may be on my computer awaiting for me to recover them. I’m beginning to suspect that the memory chip I have in my palm is a useless piece of plastic to be used as a placeholder.

Graeme arrived at church wearing pink nail polish on his fingernails. Balloons in the church to celebrate Pentecost Sunday. Attendance seemed higher than normal. One of my neighbours, an third-aged woman, has put her house on the market as she plans to move to Alexandra where most of her family are now located. I was surprised when I walked pass and saw the sign out front.

No more excuses – last chance to write 1K words.