Completed an essay 20 words short of 1K. I still hate writing essays. They are bad for my bowel movements. One more bothersome task, and a bibliography write-up and I can send this assignment. That will be within schedule. Maybe by tomorrow morning.

Fremen is distracted. I think she is missing Tessa. I did not expect this. Perhaps, after all, she found the rivalry between both cats stimulating. Mike is correct in the dates, which makes Fremen coming up to nine years old. I got the dates wrong. She might have to go onto senior cat food soon.

Joe worked out how to restore my information onto my PDA. It was loading nicely then had a fatal line error and froze. Neither the on/off switch or any of the reset options made a difference. So frustrating. I might phone David Burtenshaw and ask him for advice after I’ve got this assignment out of the way.

*sigh* back to the salt mines, comrades.