We had pizza on Thursday. Dave and I went to collect them. I took some books with me for the book sale. The theatre was closed so we stopped on the way home at BP station. The man saw me coming and held his hand out in front of himself, all his fingers pointing him the same direction. I didn’t know what he meant. “On the boxes,” he said. He was indicating where the books were to go. Apparently they had people dropping off books all day and recognised them when they arrived.

Friday was busy. After work I went into town to the gym, home just after seven for the first meeting of the Pastoral Care and Community group at church. I was getting impatient at the end when the meeting approached nine o’clock in the evening. After having something to eat at home, Dave took me into the book sale. I was there for four hours, but it proved to be disappointing. I found nothing that I really wanted to take away with me. Dave and Joe came for me about half past one in the morning when I called them. The town was full of revellers.

Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur: part two of a trilogy. Craig Russell’s ornate drawing style makes Robert Howard’s humourless wriging style more fun than it deserves to be.
Adam Strange: I’m not sure on the first reading whether this ending gels together. A pity, as this mini-series started as so much fun.
Rann-Thanagar War: first in a mini-series that picks up where Adam Strange left off. I’m not sure if it grabs my attention the same way as the previous mini-series did.
Astonishing X-Men: kudos to the creative team for creating a beautifully orchestrated issue where the incarnate danger room (Danger Woman?) takes out the X-Men.
Araña: special guest star, Spider-Man. Best moment when Araña cuts loose. Lots of padding.