Watched the final episode in the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Yes, the twist in the end caught me by surprise. Afterwards Joe, Dave and I went into town to see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The movie was more amusing than funny. Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent was an inspired choice. I suspect it is a movie to be appreciated over several viewings, picking up details from Douglas Adams’ masterpiece. The role of the Vogons was played up in this version, stupid oafish bureaucrats. My first feeling was that this could have been a much darker interpretation. In hindsight I realise that it is, particularly in the added scenes with the diversion to the Vogsphere. This is not any earlier version and I’m not entirely convinced that it was necessary. I liked the crab-smashing and the squashed gazelles (both details from the book version). The landscape of the Vogsphere could have been out of Brazil. I found myself liking all the characters, which is impressive. They really are two-dimensional, not really fleshed out. This version played up that fact that they are silly, artificial, and yet sympathetic, even characters like Zaphod, Ford, and Marvin. The ending was slightly whimsical. I’m not quite sure if it works. Roll on The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Trinity Sunday. There was a guest preacher from the School of Ministry. The trinity was likened to a person being in multiple relations: a grandmother, a partner, and a mother; a dance to be experienced by the believer. The Adult Study Group has been discussing religious terrorism and extreme fringe religious groups. It has been decided that each of us should visit the weirder fringe churches around Dunedin and report back to the group. As a counter-piece to this I printed the Unitarian Jihad Manifesto from the San Francisco Chronicle and read it to the group, which was well received. Apparently this article touched a cord, as there is now a community on LiveJournal. Remember: Sincerity Is Not Enough!.

Dave left in the afternoon to return to Leavewell. Perhaps we will see him again before the end of the year. He took us to the supermarket before he left. I spent part of the afternoon relaxing, doing some translation. It was enough as the day would allow, a cold heat-sucking mist has covered Dunedin all day. In the morning I could not see across the valley to Pine Hill at all. After Dave had left I walked into town to buy the new Maramataka/Calendar which starts in June at the start of the Matariki, the Maori New Year, and runs through to May 2006. I needed to note a few days for the start of the new month.