The mist covered ‘n Edwin for half the day like a giant duvet. Underneath that duvet the cars snored, and above was a blue dome sky.

I didn’t mention the songs from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The credits opened with a new song “So long and thanks for all the fish”. Very jolly, very hummable. There was something about all those super-sized murkanoids sitting around aquariums oblivious to the dolphins’ friendly warnings – were they supposed to be precedents of the Vogons? It was a funny set piece. The Journey of the Sorceror appeared later in the movie as an introduction to the Book. I don’t think that they could have got away with leaving that out.

I wonder if I can convince somebody to buy me the dvd release for Eczemas.

Collected my glass case from the gym. I had left it there last Wednesday. I knew when I had gone down a flight of stairs that I had forgotten it. I couldn’t be bothered walking back up. This was the first chance that I had to find them again. It was at the counter and I had to find a staff member who knew where to look.