Went looking for this week’s listener on Friday. I went to three stationers before I found a copy at a 24-hour dairy. Very strange, they had all sold out. I would have prefered to have bought it at PaperPlus so I could have got an extra FlyBuys point. If I decide to go visit my brother in Wellington again over the holiday period I have enough points to fly one way for free now. Weee!

Went to Gymeez in town for a new pottle of meal replacement shake. They had changed there shelves around and it took me some time to find the brand I usually buy. In the meantime the shopboy showed me the Metamax brand. Supposed to be better than the Horleys stuff, but twice the price for a third extra(!) I might be tempted in the future. I expect I will stick to the Horleys while I can get it.

Adult Study Group at church decided to go visiting new church groups around Dunedin. Two of us chose Dunedin City Baptist, or DCBC as it seems to be widely known. Its evening service met at the Teachers College Auditorium. It was about two thirds full. Mostly younger people, only a few third-agers. Like Presbyterians, Baptists are inclined to sit at the back. The music was all choruses, about half of which I recognised. The sermon was not a recruitment drive so much as a recruiter’s talk, by a man who admitted to being ineffective at recruiting due to shyness. I’m critical of this kind of service because I’m not sympathetic to it.

I have been chasing a spider around my bedroom all weekend. I first found her nested in the collar of a shirt on my rack. I peeled two shirts apart that crackled with thick webbing. There she was, a big black round spider. I left her where she was and she quickly made her own way into hiding. When I found time I took one of the shirts outside and brushed it down. No sign of Li’l Shelob. She turned up in a fold of the curtains when I closed them in the evening. She was high enough up that she could be discreet and slip away. The next day I found her sitting in the middle of my bed. That was the last straw. I swept her up into the dustpan and took her outside. She may have been a little stunned to be so treated.

Heavy rain when I went to the gym this evening. It looks like that it has set in for the rest of the week. I need new shoes as my current pair of walking shoes have passed beyond comfortably broken in to letting in water. Time for winter shoes. My workouts are good at the moment. Fifteen minutes on the rowing machine is setting the pace of my workout and I’m jogging short lengths on the treadmill.